Monday, April 11, 2011

A Hint of Spring is in the Air

A hint of Spring is in the air. The Snowmold and the vivacious voles say; "We Don't Care !" They think they're influence has done it's deed, for now they root for the evil weed to grow and dance with those Boxelder Bugs,who have no shoulders in which to shrugs. What they don't know is the power of the Flower and the buzz of the Bees,the sound of the Mower and the flit of the Fleas,the flapping of the Fowl mouth and the Squirrels saying;"Jeez, I better watch out for the cunning Cayote who will eat me whole all down his throat !". What else can I say except "Here comes my favorite time of year when "livin' is easy",the days are long,my pants are short, and become a fan of a favorite sport. Until then, Arty.